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Engagement or pre-wedding sessions are great opportunities to practice being in front of the camera before your wedding day. In the past, they’ve been considered the perfect entry and ultimate litmus test for finding out how comfortable you are with your chosen wedding photographer.

But in more recent years, engagement sessions have become more than just test shoots and initial contact points. They’ve gone from short photoshoot sessions to full-blown multi-day destination editorials. They don’t even have to happen before the wedding day. Some are done post-wedding and during a couple’s romantic honeymoon trip. From engagement sessions to post-wedding shoots, you can do whatever you want. Couples now view them as a chance to showcase their personal styles and distinct fashion sense using the most spectacular backdrops. And so should you.

I invite you to come and discover beautiful pre-wedding and engagement sessions I’ve captured all over the UK, France, and the rest of continental Europe. Explore Paris and learn why it’s called the city of love. Let’s wander around starting from the famous Eiffel Tower to the historic Louvre Museum. Travel to London and find out what a quintessentially British engagement experience looks like. See the Big Ben and marvel at the historic stately homes. Discover many famous landmarks as well as secret places and hidden gems.

Feel inspired by the beautiful French Haute Couture and iconic international designer pieces worn to mark a significant milestone in each couple’s lives. And finally, imagine how you can also create an engagement editorial that’s truly unique to you and your other half.