Gallery Category: portrait

What makes a portrait truly special? Is it that unique person in front of the camera and staring at the lens? Is it the gripping story behind that individual that shaped this person’s life? Or could it be the tender and genuine connection between the person and the photographer chosen to capture the moment?

What truly makes a portrait special is the exquisite collaboration between the person who can tell the story through connecting with the photographer. It’s a combination of all of these that makes it special. Just like symphonies that make a song, different colors that produce a breathtaking sunset, or a variety of textures that make up a terrain. The person, the story, and that genuine connection are all important elements of a portrait.

A portrait will always have that special person. And each person will always have the lived experiences and colorful stories from that person’s existence. I choose to be the one behind the lens to capture the moment and tell each person’s story. To inspire more people, to bring awareness to important causes, to support a colleague’s triumphs, to keep their memories alive, and to celebrate life.

These portrait galleries are not just collections of beautiful imagery. These are beautiful individuals with wonderful stories that shaped them to become the people that they are today. Each portrait is a story of love fought against all odds, hope in the face of adversity, and success after periods of struggle. These are important moments in each of these people’s lives, immortalized through each portrait and frozen in time.