hedsor house with monannie cakes

If you’ve ever wondered how to create an extraordinary wedding guest experience, then this mouthwatering shoot at Hedsor House is for you. I promise you’re going to love it!

When Fen asked me to capture her new offerings, I was absolutely thrilled. It’s been years since I first worked with MonAnnie Cakes at our Belmond Le Manoir editorial and we’ve come a long way since then. After many years of friendship and numerous projects together, this talented lady still never fails to surprise and amaze me. 

More than offering luxury cakes and patisserie, Fen wanted to launch MonAnnie Cakes‘ new wedding favour range. Her goal? To inspire her clients to create a considered experience that engages the senses.


“Joyful, elegant, a radiance of love, a celebration of considered artisanship that evokes heartfelt warmth, luxury, and tasteful intricacy.” These are the exact words Fen used to describe her new offerings when she sent me her brief. And after seeing her launch it with my own eyes, I can confirm that she nailed it.

Fen’s scrumptious spread of edible art at Hedsor House has similarities to her original Patisseria offering. She filled an entire table with a generous selection of only the finest patisserie. But this time, it came with delicious pops of colour, a wider variety of options and a whole range of unique flavours. It’s very playful and I like that so much about it.

The patisserie table boasts of the finest treats MonAnnie Cakes is well-known for. Fen prepared blackberry, lemon and mint cheesecake tarts, pink grapefruit meringue tarts, papaya and rhubarb panna cotta, strawberry and rose profiteroles, peach cakes and fruit jellies. You name it, we had it that day at Hedsor House!

To finish the look and complement her aesthetics, Fen got Louise of Louise Langdon Florals involved. Louise created a loose arrangement of spring flowers thoughtfully designed to resemble a meadow of pastel colours. Against the beautiful backdrop of Hedsor’s reception space, the whole setup was like a beautiful Monet painting. A painterly vignette of delicious treats!

Luxury Wedding Patisserie Table by MonAnnie Cakes with a pastel spring summer theme, cherry blossoms panna cotta, tarts, cookies, gelatine, macarons. Photo by Cristina Ilao at Hedsor House


If you’ve ever been invited to a wedding before, you must have taken home a wedding favour or two. But the question is: Did you like it?

Fen has revolutionised traditional wedding favours and turned them into something your wedding guests will love. Her take on wedding favours is a clear reflection of her personal values and business ethos. Along with the scrumptious patisserie table, she now offers her own brand of locally sourced organic honey, a selection of delightful tea blends and high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

Among the wedding favours, the tea blends are probably my favourites because Fen created such a great variety of flavours. You can choose from English Breakfast, Rose Congou, Earl Grey, Floral Blooming, Jasmine Pearls, Darjeeling, Oriental Beauty, and Silver Needles. I’ve tried a few of them and must say I’m partial to the Jasmine Pearls. I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s one for every tea lover on your wedding guest list.


Fen wanted to provide inspiration for creating a wedding guest experience that doesn’t just satisfy their taste buds. With this in mind, she got Diane of Iteka Scents on board. Diane joined us at Hedsor House and added her hand-poured scented melts to Fen’s welcome guest gift boxes. For me, these scrumptious treats along with the fragrant wax melts make a perfect combination for a luxury wedding guest experience!


Concept, Planning, Patisserie Table and Guest Favours: MonAnnie Cakes | Photography: Cristina Ilao | Soy wax candle melts: Iteka Scents | Floristry: Louise Langdon | Venue: Hedsor House

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