holiday gift guide for couples

My holiday gift guide for couples is finally here!

This guide is filled with ones I’ve personally tried and tested. If you often spend ages looking for that one perfect gift then save yourself time and have a read. These are the ones I absolutely love. Perfect for gifting to someone who already has everything – or if you simply want to treat yourself!

2022 Holiday gift guide: (1) AeroPress (2) Apple Airpods Pro (3) Print Sisters Bespoke Eco-woven Blanket (4) Ember temperature control mug (5) Piper Farm The Sustainable Meat Cookbook (6) Ffern Organic Eau De Parfum (7) Chase & Wonder Flower Lady Scented Candle (8) Tom’s Studio Lumos Refillable Fineliner Pen (9) Rare Bird Books Club (10) Leaf Envy Plant Subscription (11) Smith & Munson Flower subscription


AeroPress Coffee Maker

Ever heard of rapid manual brewing? Read on if you’re a coffee lover or you’re dating one. Coffee experts and critics hailed this groundbreaking but affordable gadget as one of the best coffee makers around. AeroPress comes with a plunger that pushes the trapped air down a chamber and forces water to the ground coffee and through a filter. This ensures you get a flavourful, rich, and smooth coffee fix every time. The general energy consumption for an AeroPress is lesser than your regular coffee maker. Great for the environment! And the AeroPress coffee filters? They’re compostable! You can throw them straight into your compost pit along with the used coffee grounds.

Get in here (US) or here (UK/Europe)

Apple Air Pods Pro

The Air Pods Pro is probably in many holiday gift guides and for good reason. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of noise-canceling headphones, especially if like me, you travel a lot. Whenever I’m on a busy train or on a long international flight with a crying baby, I just grab my Air Pods Pro and I’m good to go. At least for the next six hours or so. It’s also sweat and water-resistant so great for use in the gym. Make your gift extra special by having it engraved – available only if you buy it directly from Apple.

Get it here (US) or here (UK)

Print Sisters Bespoke Blanket

I first came across Print Sisters while looking for art prints to decorate our new home. But what I ended up loving is their custom-made eco-woven blankets. You first choose a print from their collection. Then decide how you want to personalise it: with your name, a special date, or your preferred design. And they contact you with two designs to choose from before they start production. If you’re planning to gift this, make sure you purchase it early. It can take up to 3 weeks for a custom blanket to arrive. It’s worth the wait though!

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Ember Temperature Control Mug

I like making a cup of ginger tea and letting it cool down slightly before drinking. But sometimes, things get in the way. A friendly postman knocks and chats, an old friend suddenly calls, or I just simply focus on something else and forget. My hot treat has turned into a cold drink before I know it. If you’re anything like me or know anyone who is, then Ember Mug 2 might just be the perfect gift. It helps keep your hot drink at your preferred temperature for much longer. It has its pros and cons though. So, make sure you do a little research before adding it to your shopping cart.

Get it here (US) or here (UK/Europe)


The Sustainable Meat Cookbook

Can you eat meat and still be sustainable? Turns out you can! I’m a steak lover so this makes me happy. The Sustainable Meat Cookbook has “over 100 seasonal recipes, in celebration of ethically and sustainably reared meat”. Piper Farm teaches practical ways on how to cook meat in a more sustainable and environment-friendly way by using every single part. Perfect for meat lovers or foodies!

Get it here (US) or here (UK/Europe)

Ffern Natural Eau De Parfum

Ffern will always be in my yearly holiday gift guide for couples! I love Ffern’s fresh approach to perfumery and perfume making. Their unique and sustainable process starts with having a small list of clients/members and making perfume exclusively for them every season. If you want to be a member, then all you need to do is sign up to their “ledger”. And if the ledger is full, you’ll be asked to join their waiting list. The wait depends on how many members leave and your position on the waiting list. Luckily, it only took me about a week. Here’s a bonus. If you want a couple (or more) of Fern perfume bottles for someone, you can buy them a golden ticket. Depending on what option you choose, they either get two (every equinox or solstice) or four (every season) bottles of Ffern perfume.

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Chase & Wonder Flower Lady Scented Candle

It’s amazing how many candle brands sprouted in the last few years. When in doubt, buy someone a luxury-scented candle. Right? But when you do, make sure you’re buying them a soy wax candle. Soy wax is a vegetable-based wax that burns slower, lasts longer, and is non-toxic. I like Chase & Wonder because they’ve mastered both design and function with their illustrated candle collection. You’ll have a scented candle that smells AND looks wonderful. And when you’re done with it? You’re left with a beautiful ceramic jar that you can use as a pen holder or a plant pot. You can even reuse it with one of their candle refills.

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Tom’s Studio Lumos Refillable Fineliner Pen

Tom’s Studio has a cult following among calligraphers, artists, illustrators, and stationery lovers (like me). So, when Tom opened the 1st batch of pre-orders for Lumos, you can bet my name made it to the list. If you happen to know a pen lover (or hoarder), then this is a perfect sustainable gift for them. According to Tom’s Studio’s website, “each pen is made from solid metals machined on a lathe used for making fine watches and aerospace-grade components”. You can rest assured that your Lumos pen is guaranteed to last for a long time. And in case it breaks, Tom’s Studio kindly offers complimentary repair service.

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This holiday gift guide for couples won’t be complete without my favourite unique subscriptions. Why send a one-time gift when you can keep gifting all year round? Subscriptions are simply gifts that keep on giving and the ultimate choice if gifting is your love language.

Rare Bird Books Club

This year, I’ve taken a step back from social media. It’s baffling how much extra time you realise you have when you spend less time online. But what do you do with that extra time? Spend it with family, work on your business, try a new hobby, and be creative. Another thing you can do is catch up on your reading list. And if you don’t have one yet, then a book subscription might just be the solution. The Rare Birds Book Club sends their subscribers a summary/blurb of two books every month. From those summaries, subscribers can choose which book they want to try. After which, a beautifully wrapped surprise book makes its way to them. The best thing about this is it allows you to try out new books from different genres that you normally wouldn’t pick from a shelf. Plus, you can join an online discussion with fellow subscribers of the book club.

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Leaf Envy Plant Subscription

The perfect gift for plant lovers and serial plant killers. Send a surprise trending plant to your special someone (or yourself!) every month. Each subscriber receives a surprise trending plant. And for an extra fee, a pot with every plant. If you’re thinking of gifting a plant just for the holidays or for one occasion, then there are many options to choose from. Top Tip: The safest choices for gifting are those in Leaf Envy’s “hard to kill plants” category. Guaranteed to please your plant lover – or serial plant killer!

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Smith & Munson Flower Subscription

I’m obsessed with flowers, so this has got to be my favourite of all the ones I listed in this holiday gift guide for couples. Smith and Munson are a fifth-generation flower grower based in South Lincolnshire. They’ve been in business since 1949 and are known to have some of the most beautiful varieties of British-grown flowers. Expect to receive Tulips from December to May, Ranunculus in late spring, and Lilies from June to December. My favourites? Their fringed, parrot and double Tulips and the pollen-free Roselily.

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