the job of a wedding planner

Do you know the job of a wedding planner? Do you need one? What kind of planner should you hire ad where can you find them?

wedding planning isn’t always fun

Until you start getting into the thick of it, it’s difficult to know how much time wedding planning takes. Did you know that a typical modern wedding takes about 250 hours to plan?

It can get stressful especially if you have a demanding job that requires long hours. The last thing you want is to plan your wedding during weekends. After all, that’s your only time to breathe and relax after a long week at work.

Undecided whether you need a wedding planner or not? Here are some questions to help you decide.

  • Do you and your partner have busy jobs that will make it difficult to find time for wedding planning?
  • Do you have a short engagement period? Will you have enough time between your engagement date and your planned wedding date?
  • Are you willing to spend time researching and negotiating with wedding suppliers, handling complicated family relationships, monitoring wedding guest lists, etc?
  • Is your wedding going to take place in a different country? Do you have the local knowledge to plan your wedding remotely?
  • Are you worried about putting pressure on your bridesmaids or relatives to help you plan your wedding? How much time can they offer you?
  • Do you want a stress-free planning process with help from a professional who has experience in planning weddings before?

the job of a wedding planner

Generally, these are the things that a wedding planner considers part of their job:

  • helping you with creative wedding design and managing your expectations vs budget
  • recommending the best venue and suppliers to match your style and needs
  • keeping things on track including sending invitations, monitoring RSVPs, arranging payments to suppliers, and dealing with difficult conversations
  • managing the wedding day, keeping on top of the timeline, and ensuring that suppliers deliver what was promised

four main categories of wedding planners

  • A FULL WEDDING PLANNER will take care of everything you want them to – from scouting venues to sourcing suppliers, to managing budgets & coordinating logistics.
  • A PARTIAL WEDDING PLANNER will take over what you’ve already started and create a plan to cover everything that’s left to do upon handover.
  • A WEDDING DAY COORDINATOR gets involved a month or two before your wedding and will focus on the logistics of your wedding day.
  • A VENUE COORDINATOR is a paid employee of a wedding venue. This planner will help you plan your day based on their experience at that particular venue.

So which planner is right for you?

A FULL WEDDING PLANNER is for you if you want a totally stress-free experience from initial planning, all the way to your wedding day. The job of a full wedding planner is to plan your wedding as smoothly as possible with the least amount of effort on your part. A PARTIAL WEDDING PLANNER is for you if you want someone to take charge of certain aspects of wedding planning but prefer to have an expert who can take over some of the remaining details. A WEDDING DAY COORDINATOR is for you if you want a hands-on approach to wedding planning and only need assistance on the actual wedding day. A VENUE COORDINATOR is for you if you only want limited assistance from someone familiar with your chosen venue.

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Choosing a wedding planner can be confusing if you’re not sure what service each type offers. Refer to the table below to know the basic differences between each type of wedding planner and figure out which is the right one for your needs.

your job: finding the best wedding planner

If you’ve decided to hire a wedding planner, the next step is to actually find one. But where do you start? Here are some of my top tips to help you.

simple wedding stationery flatlay of invitation and vow book, tied in silk ribbon, styled with ranunculus and hellebore flowers. branding photo session Styled by Oxfordshire Wedding Planner Alexandra Rose Weddings and Photo by London Photographer Cristina Ilao

check the wedding planner’s reputation

There are many reasons to find a reputable planner. A planner will not only help you plan and organise your wedding. A planner will also have access to your private information. You’ll want someone whom you can count on. A good place to start is a professional wedding planning organisation’s website. In the UK, we have what we call the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP). A quick look at their website will show you a list of properly trained wedding planners. Another way to find a reputable planner is by asking a supplier you trust. If you’ve already booked your favourite wedding supplier before deciding whether you need a planner, ask that supplier about their industry contacts.

complete a background check

You’ll want to hire someone who’s experienced. Find out how long they’ve been in business. How many weddings have they organised? Do they have positive testimonials from past clients? Have they planned a wedding similar to yours? Does their style match your preference? Do they have the required professional and public liability insurance? Have they been recommended by someone you trust or someone who has worked with them in the past? Do they have a portfolio of past work they’ve delivered?

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do a personality check

You’ll spend a lot of time working with your wedding planner, especially if you’ve decided to go for full planning services. You need to choose someone you can easily get along with. If they’re offering a free consultation session before booking, agree to it. Have a video call and see if you like their personality and if you can imagine working with them.

check the details

Just like with any supplier you consider, be discerning before you decide to engage a wedding planner. Find out what’s included in the services they offer. How much access will you have to them? How do they charge – hourly, fixed fee, or % of your wedding budget? Do they charge a commission to other wedding suppliers and will it be passed on to you? Do they operate on a full-time basis or do they have another job?

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your job: becoming the wedding planner

Thinking of planning the wedding yourself or fancy going for a more hands-on approach? Make sure you follow my top tips!

  • Give yourself enough time and set a wedding date that feels realistic. Don’t underestimate the time you need to plan all the details of such an important day.
  • Ask for help. Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be done on your own. Delegate some parts of the planning to your partner. Ask your bridesmaids or your family members if they can help you with some tasks to take some of the burden off your shoulder.
  • Research the wedding suppliers before you book. Don’t be fooled by a large social media presence. Make sure that the portfolio they’re showing you are from their own work and not from stock images that are free to download online.
  • Read all the supplier contracts before you sign. These details are boring but knowing what you’re getting into will save you a lot of hassle in the end.
  • Communication is key so communicate well with your chosen wedding suppliers. Check-in with them regularly to ensure that they properly understand your expectations and that they’re able to deliver according to what you’ve agreed.
  • Have someone manage and coordinate the flow of events on your wedding day. Plan the wedding but learn to let go of control on the actual day to avoid stress and focus on having fun.
three mini wedding cakes with luxury sugar flowers and wafer layers in pastel colours, peach blue and yellow. styled on a french side table with cheese cloth and ester and erik candles. Styled by Alexandra Rose Weddings and Photo by Cristina Ilao

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