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Getting married and looking for the perfect wedding venue (or venues) in Paris? You’re spoilt for choice!

There are many beautiful wedding venues spread throughout Paris and its surrounding communes. After all, it’s the city of love. The options can be overwhelming. From the grandest ballrooms to the most opulent chateaus, the list is endless. But if you really want to please the romantic Francophile in you, these are the standout options that will most certainly make you say Oui!

Paris Wedding Venues for the Romantic Francophile: The luxury Parisian destination wedding venue Ritz Paris France entrance with green topiary and ivy on wooden plant pots, and the iconic white sun shades. Photo by Cristina Ilao


The Ritz Paris | luxury wedding venue

The most famous luxury Paris wedding venue and for good reason. Renowned for hosting icons like Coco Chanel and Ernest Hemingway, the Ritz Paris is simply the only choice if you want the ultimate luxury Paris wedding. And don’t worry if you’re thinking of going for a more intimate affair. The Ritz is a great choice whether you choose to have a grand wedding, an intimate micro wedding, or a romantic elopement.

The Ritz Paris offers several ballrooms to choose from. Think of Salons d’Été, Psyché, and Louis XV. Each room can host up to 80, 60, and 100 seated guests. These three connected ballrooms allow for a smooth flow of wedding events from ceremony to cocktail hour and formal reception. One of my favorites at the Ritz Paris is Salon Psyché. White walls with Gold and pops of red, just a tad bit but not overwhelming. It’s connected to the Psyché terrace which is also a great option for an outdoor ceremony. Definitely a great option for spring or summer weddings!

There are a few more ballroom options but if you’re really going for an intimate affair, you might want to consider the charming Salon Auguste Escoffier. It can host up to 11 guests – perfect for a Parisian micro wedding or elopement. Whatever you choose, the Ritz Paris is guaranteed to give you the iconic French wedding feel and look you’re hoping for.

Shangri-la Paris | wedding venue with a view

Shangri-la Paris is the perfect wedding venue if you’re looking for uninterrupted stunning views of the iconic Eiffel Tower and signature Parisian architecture. There’s simply no shortage of beautiful spots both indoors and outdoors. It’s also a short walk from the Eiffel Tower. Enjoy easy access to the Trocadero area and have your newly married portraits with the most famous Parisian landmark in the background.

As grand as Shangri-la Paris is, it accommodates elopements, micro weddings, and grand celebrations alike. With its various historic rooms, the capacity varies from 24 to 500 wedding guests.

Le Salon de Famille is the smallest with a capacity of 24-80 guests. Closely followed by La Salle à Manger with a capacity of 56-100 guests. Le Grand Salon is for slightly bigger weddings of 90-180 guests. But if you’re planning to have a grand celebration of up to 500 guests, then Les Salons Historiques is your best option. Les Salons Historiques is the collective term used for adjacent spaces Le Grand Salon, Le Salon de Famille, La Salle à Manger, and the Foyer. You’ll have access to Terrace Eiffel through La Galleria or Le Salon de Famille.

Paris Destination Wedding Bridal Portraits at the Palais Royal Colonnes de Buren - taken on a medium format Pentax 645N camera using natural light and Fujifilm Pro 400H analogue film by Cristina Ilao. Features a long feather-encrusted 1 line skirt white wedding dress with a deep v-neck, chantilly lace bodice, and tulle ribbons on the shoulders. Asian Chinese Indonesian bride has light clean barely there natural and fresh make-up and a classic twisted french chignon elegant hairstyle.

Hôtel de Crillon

Slightly smaller than most wedding venues in Paris, Hôtel de Crillon is perfect for an intimate European destination wedding. Just across Place De La Concorde, it’s conveniently located in one of the most stunning parts of the Paris city center. Capacity-wise, it has three main wedding celebration spaces. Salon Marie Antoinette, Salon des Aigles, and Salon des Batailles, all of which overlook the scenic Place de la Concorde.

Salon Marie Antoinette has the best view of the Eiffel Tower, Grand Palais, and Les Invalides through its grand terrace. It can hold receptions of up to 60 guests. Salon des Batailles also has a capacity of 60 guests but it has a lighter feel with its grand floor-to-ceiling windows.

The grandest of all three is the Salon des Aigles. If you’re expecting more than 60 guests, then worry not. This indoor wedding space can accommodate up to 200 of your nearest and dearest.

When getting married at Hôtel de Crillon, note that you can’t exclusively hire all the areas. Management will reserve certain areas as they need to provide access to the public and other hotel guests.

Musée Rodin or Rodin Museum Paris | unique wedding venue

This museum dedicated to the great artist Rodin is my favorite wedding venue in Paris. With its romantic gardens, light-filled rooms, and stunning location, it’s a dream wedding venue for every Francophile. Among all the Paris wedding venues, this is the closest you can get if you want a chateau feel and stay right in the heart of the city.

The Rodin Museum in Paris is a unique wedding venue. This means it also has unique considerations which you need to account for if you’re planning to get married here.

First, you’ll have to consider the day of the week you’re getting married. Musée Rodin only allows weddings on Mondays when the museum is closed to the public. It might be slightly difficult for your wedding guests to attend if you schedule your special day on a weekday. However, you’ll have a better chance of finding wedding suppliers with availability as most weddings happen on weekends.

Rodin Museum or Musée Rodin in Paris France is a museum decidated to the great artist Rodin and a top luxury wedding venue. This mansion is formerly called the Hôtel Peyrenc de Moras and listed as a historical monument, Hôtel Biron. Photo by Cristina Ilao

Secondly, you’ll need to have a wedding planner on board. Remember that the museum is home to some of the most precious historical artifacts created by Rodin. So it’s not surprising that they require a team of experienced wedding planners to manage events. On the day of your wedding, you can also expect a surveillance team tasked to ensure safety and to guarantee that all participants are displaying appropriate social behavior.


Château de Champlâtreux

When planning a destination wedding, one important thing to consider is how easily your guests can reach your venue. Chateau de Champlatreux may be on the outskirts of Paris, but it’s so easy to reach. The chateau’s grand architecture and its perfect location are just two of the many reasons why this French chateau is such a great choice for your destination wedding.

Whether you and your wedding guests are arriving through Paris Gare Du Nord train station or Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, getting to the chateau is hassle-free. 

Interested in learning more about this enchanting castle? Head to my Chateau de Champlatreux wedding venue guide.

Chateau de Champlatreux hidden in the large canopy taken during a spring summer France Destination Wedding in July: 18th century French castle with beautiful architecture initially built as a country home for the illustrious Parisian parliamentary Molé family. Photo by Cristina Ilao

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