Let me take you back with me to this lovely autumn day spent at the Hague (den Haag in Dutch). I was there on a week-long trip to visit my friend and to shoot two weddings together. I’ve been to Amsterdam many times so I’m not a stranger to this beautiful country. However I’ve never been to this part of the Netherlands before, so you can just imagine my delight. While I was there, we decided to fit a beautiful fine art wedding editorial within the same week. It was a hectic week, but what can I say? The result was absolutely amazing!

wedding inspiration at the grand stairs of  Park Clingendael in the Hague Netherlands

A trip to Clingendael Park at the Hague

The sun just about to set and the birds were merrily chirping. I can feel the September breeze lightly touching my cheeks. What a perfect afternoon, I thought to myself.

Together with our small team, we traveled to Clingendael Park. It’s a beautiful estate pleasantly situated near the central district of the Hague and Wassenaar. Clingendael Park seemed like the perfect setting for a garden wedding – quiet, relaxing, and undeniably romantic.

Leafy trees surrounded a grand staircase in the middle of the park, providing ample shade and just the right amount of light. We were glad to have found a charming little space that looked apt for intimate celebrations right in the heart of the Hague.

The Fine Art Bride

Fine art focuses on the aesthetic – carefully curating each element and presenting that which is pleasing to the eyes. In this bridal editorial, we wanted to achieve what we interpreted as a classic fine art bride – simple, elegant, and timeless.

Hair and Make-up by Brigitta Danastri

Brigitta created a clean “no make-up” make-up look which focuses on the bride’s natural beauty and highlights her features. This style is a personal favourite of mine. It’s something that will look just as beautiful and classy many years from now.

Dress by Duc Nguyen of Duc Design

Duc designed a simple close-fitting A-line wedding dress. He added numerous 3d flowers to present a romantic mood and to add subtle texture to the dainty fabric. The fabric falls beautifully and hugs the bride’s figure in just the right places. It makes it easy for her to move gracefully and comfortably as she enjoys her wedding day.

Flowers by Marte Glasbergen of Bloom Your Life

Marte styled a selection of delicate roses in blush, peach and pale yellow hues, accented with dried bunny tails and eucalyptus leaves. The bouquet mirrored the muted tones of the dress and make-up, completing the elegant look. The unstructured look of the bouquet perfectly complements the organic feel of the theme.

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Much love,
Cristina xx

London wedding and editorial photographer

Meet cRiSTina

Born and raised in the Philippines, Cristina is an award-winning international wedding photographer currently based in London and Newcastle, UK. She is known for her fine art approach and light and airy photography style.

Throughout her career, Cristina has worked with distinguished television celebrities, leading UK fashion influencers and international brands, cementing her place in the UK and extending her reach to a global client base. Cristina has been featured by Nikon Europe,  Yahoo Style UK, and some of the most notable international wedding and photography magazines.

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