Wedding Cake Ideas for Every Season

One of my favourite perks as a destination wedding photographer is working with amazingly talented cake designers who inspire me with endless wedding cake ideas! From simple single-tier buttercream sponge cakes to 5-tier multi-flavoured show-stopping centrepieces, beautiful wedding cakes never fail to make a style statement.

Choosing your wedding cake is bound to be one of the most awaited parts of your wedding planning. If you’re at that stage, then save yourself some time and look no further. I’ve listed below my favourite wedding cakes to give you the dreamiest inspiration and most creative ideas all in one place. Don’t blame me if you end up with a serious case of cake envy!

Wedding Cake Ideas for Spring

1. Fresh Seasonal Flowers

beautiful summer wedding cake ideas - three tier wedding cake with marbled layer, sugar crystal layer and gold leaf layer decorated with real flowers. cake by storeybook cakes and photo by cristina ilao photography

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking!” If you feel the same way as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, then skip this one! Seriously though, having a spring wedding comes with many benefits, including access to a wide variety of flowers that might only be available locally around that season! You can ask your cake designer and florist to work together so that your cake can also feature the same seasonal flowers used in your bridal bouquet. If you carry your floral theme across various wedding details, you can easily achieve a more coherent and elevated overall wedding look.

2. Intricate Relief Details

spring wedding - four tier sponge with sugar flowers including pink peonies, white anemonies, green eucalyptus and foliage. designed by sadie may cakes, photo by cristina ilao photography, venue: thicket priory

Incorporating important elements of your wedding into your cake design is a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your wedding. This cake features intricate gold vintage reliefs that mirror the cornices and period features of the wedding venue which is a Victorian stately home. To see more of this cake and how it fits a spring wedding, head over to this post and view a beautiful flower-filled wedding editorial at Thicket Priory.

3. Floral Wreath

1 tier mini buttercream with small flower wreath filled with pink peach coral white and blush field flowers. Cake by Katie Cranfield, flower wreath by Amy Swann, Photo by Cristina Ilao Photography. EVent- Grounded Creatives Meetup by Nancy Straughan and Something Good Newcastle

Floral wreaths are not just for decorating your doors. They could be used to decorate your wedding cakes too! You can choose between fresh or real flowers – both will have their pros and cons. Both will also look absolutely beautiful as long as they’ve not been overdone and your wreath’s size suits your wedding cake. This one-tier buttercream cake looks perfect with just the right amount of flowers handmade into a floral wreath. Its size is also perfect for intimate weddings that are gradually becoming more popular these days.

4. Pastel Colour Palette

romantic wedding ideas - 4 tier luxury wedding fondant with sugar flowers pink roses, white and peach ranunculus, blush sweet peas.  designed by MonAnnie Cakes, photo by Cristina Ilao Photography

Spring reminds me of Easter bunnies, the British lambing season, my favourite peony flowers and pastel colours. Once winter is gone, it’s time to leave the heavy dramatic colours behind and go back to lighter, more cheerful hues. Why not make your cake a rainbow of pastels to bring that cheer into your own celebration? The beauty of using subtle pastel colours is that they are not overpowering and can easily match most wedding themes.

Wedding Cake Ideas for Summer

5. Mismatched Tiers

fun summer wedding cake ideas - 5 tier wedding cake with ruffled layer, tiny sugar flowers in peach, sky blue, dark blue and yellow, topped with a white rose. Cake by Amy Beck Cake design , photo by cristina ilao photography

Couples will have different personalities and this can bring about a variety of ideas when it comes to planning a wedding – and choosing a cake! What’s more exciting than choosing several cake flavours and selecting multiple styles that suit your individual personalities? This 5-layer cake shows exactly that – a layer of ruffled sugar for the partner with a more reserved personality and the cascading flowers in bold colours for the partner with the outgoing personality. You don’t always have to agree on one choice that suits you when you can both have what you want by combining your ideas.

6. Minimalist Design

summer wedding cake ideas - peach rose with white smaller flowers, pastel berries and foliage on a two tier wedding cake tied with a hand dyed silk ribbon. Cake by Sadie May Cakes. Photo by Cristina Ilao photography

This style is perfect for those who prefer simple wedding details that extend even to the wedding cake. Having a simple design doesn’t entirely mean having a blank canvas though. This beautiful summer wedding cake features a beautiful English rose as its main focal point, surrounded by dainty blooms and berries to bring that fun summer feel. Having a minimalist wedding cake also gives you the flexibility to play around with other ideas. Some couples opt to add a luxury dessert table that matches the wedding cake. Cupcakes, macarons, and cookies with the same style as the wedding cake can add that extra bit of luxury to your wedding day treats.

Fancy seeing how a luxury dessert table can elevate the style of your wedding? Head over to this post about The Patisseria, a luxury patisserie table by MonAnnie Cakes and Alexandra Rose Weddings.

7. Bold and Bright Colours

classy summer wedding cake ideas - 5 tier luxury wedding cake with hand painted layer, lace icing layer, plain layers with sugar flowers (roses, peonies, ranunculus, sweet peas and green foliage), in the background are four hand dipped peach tapered candles on crystal and brass candlestick holders. Venue: blenheim palace, cake: MonAnnie Cakes, styling: Alexandra Rose Weddings, Photography: cristina ilao photography

Summer reminds us all of the sunny days at the beach, holiday trips to the tropics, and cool drinks by the pool. Bringing the summer vibe into your wedding can be as easy as choosing bright and bold colours to reflect the season’s vibe. This luxury 5-tier wedding cake exudes so much energy and sunshine simply by using the 2019 Pantone Colour of the Year Living Coral as the main colour.

Wedding Cake Ideas for Autumn

8. Hand-painted Tiers

dreamy three tier hand painted pastel wedding cake with blush pink roses and peony sugar flowers by sadie may cakes. photo by cristina ilao photography

If edible works of art are your thing, then hand-painted wedding cakes will surely tug at your heartstrings. This beautiful autumn wedding cake was decorated with handmade sugar flowers and the layers were finished with equally stunning flower hand paintings. Want more autumn wedding planning tips like this? Head over to this post for autumn wedding ideas you’ll definitely want to try.

9. Dried Flowers

three tier simple wedding cake with ruffles and dried flowers lunaria and gypsophilia. Cake by Poppy Pickering. Photo by Cristina Ilao photography

If fresh flowers or sugar flowers don’t interest you, maybe dried flowers will? Dried flowers are not only good for decorating your home, they can also be used as elements of your autumn wedding – from the decors to the bouquet, to your wedding cake topper. They’re a good alternative especially if your wedding style is leaning towards something organic. Some brides even choose to have dried flowers so they can easily preserve their bouquet long after the wedding is finished.

10. Seasonal Autumn Colours

autumn wedding  - 3 tier dreamy peach themed fondant with white roses and sugar flowers on crystal stand. designed by sadie may cakes, photo by cristina ilao photography, venue: brinkburn northumberland priory

While modern weddings tend to be colourful and daring, traditional weddings use neutral colours to achieve a classy and timeless look. White is the most obvious choice if you want to go for a timeless look, but it doesn’t hurt to add a hint of colour to brighten the mood and bring in the season. The muted and neutral colours of autumn won’t ever go out of style. Go for shades of peach and pale yellows of if you want to go strictly traditional, ivory and cream will also do.

Wedding Cake Ideas for Winter

11. Embrace The Winter Season

royal wedding inspired ideas - 3 tier luxury blue fondant with white molded cameo and white rose bud sugar flowers, gold leaf on a crystal cake stand, also in photo are two tulip brass candlestick holders with grey ester and erik tapered candles. Cake by Trouvaille bakery, photo by Cristina Ilao Photography, styling by East Made Event Co, Venue: Hedsor House

If Elsa of Arendelle from Frozen ever gets married, I can imagine her wedding cake looking just like this. The pale blue and frosty white combination of this stunning wedding cake reminds me of cold winter nights and the bluish winter skies. This wedding cake is perfect for couples who are getting married during winter and wanting to embrace the season.

12. Festive Colours

elegant christmas wedding - 3 tier fondant with burgundy and old rose flowers and hand dyed silk ribbons on a brass stand. on the left are two tapered candles on brass candlestick holders. designed  by sadie may cakes. photo by cristina ilao photography

Winter weddings are always fun because they’re so close to the holidays. If you’re having a winter wedding and you’d like to extend the festive celebrations to your special day, tailoring the style of your wedding cake is the easiest way to do it. You can use rich colours like burgundy and gold for the traditional festive look or ask your cake designer to add winter blooms to your cake. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you could even play with the cake flavours to make them more in line with the holiday season. Fruit Christmas / wedding cakes, anyone?

I hope you found this useful! I’m excited to know if you went with any of my suggestions. Send me an email if you did or comment below if you have more wedding cake ideas you’d like to add. If you’d like to be notified the next time I share wedding planning tips like this, then please join my email list, and let’s stay in touch. Speak soon!

Much love,
Cristina x

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* All photos by Cristina Ilao Photography